Training for direct non-violent action and preparation for the fast

Wenesday 5th of August

Centre sportif Jean Dame, 17 rue Léopold Bellan, 75002 (Metro Sentier)

This day will be consecrated to reflections, exchanges and exercises in small groups  or in a big group to :

  • Exchange on what direct non violent action means and how to maintain non violent relations between ourselves and our interlocutors
  • Imagine actions that we want to do in this fasting-action and the material to prepare
  • Get to know each other better, perceive our own limits and see which action each one wants to participate in or not
  • Know what the risks are of such an action and know our rights particularly with the police.


  • Welcome from 9, 15 a.m
  • Beginning of the training : 10 a.m exactly
  • Training 10 a.m – 1 p.m and 2,30 p.m – 5 p.m with a break for lunch
  • 5 p.m to 6,30 p.m exchanges between those who are going to fast and the people who are coming to support them on what meaning  each individual is giving to their fast and information on what we have to do to be able to fast.