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Practical information for the Fast, August 6th-9th 2016, Paris


Your arrival:


In case of problem, call Dominique  +33 6 32 71 69 90
For housing, the opening time is on August 4th. at  4:00 p.m. 

                        address :          Centre sportif Jean Dame

                                                17 rue Léopold Bellan

                                                75002  Paris (Métro station: le Sentier, Ligne 3)

We have the ability to host 100 people.

Housing is free. We provide free water. No food inside the Centre (this is a fast).

Non-Violent seminar and training


August 5th,        9:00-17:00 Non-violence information and non-violent training (venue tbc)
                          17:00-18:00 testimony of activists on fasting
                          19:00-21:00 dinner for celebrating the event

location : Centre sportif Jean Dame (same address of housing)


Kick-off meeting

If you are staying elsewhere, the kick-off meeting for the fast is on August 6th, at the Mur pour la paix (Wall for Peace), Place Joffre, at  7:30 am (Métro Ecole Militaire, line 8).  The minute’s silence in our ceremony will be at 8:15 (the exact time of the detonation of the bomb on Hiroshima) .

The ceremony for the bombing of Nagasaki will be held at 11:05 am on August 9th, at a location to be decided.

Every day:


On August 7th, 8th and 9th,  activities at the Mur pour la paix, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.


At different times of the day, we shall review our actions and discuss our projects.


Actions in Paris to be decided by those fasting.

How to come ?

1-  In the metro, request a free map of the metro network ( at any metro station).

2-  For Paris downtown, it is cheaper to buy a set of 10 tickets that to buy single tickets. Note, for the Paris suburban area (RER network), special tickets are needed (more expensive).

If you come from Charles de Gaulle airport, take RER B towards Paris, and get off at Gare du Nord station. (the RER is a metro for long distances, meaning: Railway Express Regional)

From Gare du Nord :


1- If you are going to the Centre sportif Jean Dame, from the Gare du Nord station take Metro line 4, direction Porte d'Orleans; at Reaumur Sebastopol station change to line 3 direction Pont de Levallois, and get off at Le Sentier station.
Leaving the metro, take the street Rue Reaumur (towards Boulevard Sebastopol), take the 2nd right, the street Rue des Petits Carreaux, and then the first right which is the street Rue Léopold Bellan.

2- If you are going to the Mur pour le paix, from the Gare du Nord station, take Metro line 4 towards Porte d'Orléans, and stop at the Strasbourg- St. Denis station and change to line 8, direction Balard and then get off at  Ecole militaire station. Then ask the way to Champ de Mars (about 600 m from the station) if needed. The Champ de Mars extends from the Mur pour la paix (Wall for Peace), at Place Joffre,  to the Eiffel Tower.


Real Life

1 -  For those staying at the Centre sportif Jean Dame, remember to bring:

                        1-a sleeping bag (you will get a mattress on site)
                        2- a pocket torch
                        3- a bottle (you can find water on site)
                        4- for those who need total darkness to sleep, a sleeping eye-cover for the night.

2 - Inside the Sport Centre : no shoes, and no food (this is a fast)

More about arrangements

1 -  At the Mur pour la paix (Wall for Peace) and at the Centre sportif Jean Dame, as both are public areas, you should remain responsible for your personal belongings.

2 -  The ‘breaking meal’ of the fast will be for all participants in the afternoon of August 9th at Mairie du 2ème arrondissement de Paris.

3 -  You must leave
 the Centre before 11:00 am on August 9th.

4 -  If you have any questions, feel free to write us: lamaisondevigilance@orange.fr

5 - Did you register? If not, please do so at: lamaisondevigilance@orange.fr


Give your name, surname, address, and citizenship. Or (better): fill up the registration form using the link posted in the article "regiostration" on this blog site.

 Site web : www.maisondevigilance.com

Site blog : vigilancehiroshimanagasaki.over-blog.com